HDFC Bank UPI App: HDFC Stands for Housing Development Finance Corporation is the India’s second largest private sector bank in term of assets and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. In the last year, the bank ranked in Top 100 most valuable Global Brands. HDFC Bank UPI App service is available on the HDFC Bank Mobile Application.



The Bank has adopted the UPI Payment system after a very long time. All the other banks have adopted the UPI since a long time ago. The bank has integrated the UPI Service in its official App instead of creating the separate UPI App.

Features of the HDFC Bank UPI App

The main features of HDFC Bank App are as follows:

Transfer Funds without a Bank Account

This is the basic feature of UPI App. Using HDFC Bank Apps UPI system you can transfer money to anyone without knowing his/her bank account number. Here a user can use a VPA instead of an Account Number.

Virtual Payment Address System(VPA)

The VPI is being provided to each and every user who register for the UPI. Any person who downloads the app is given chance to generate a unique VPI of his/her choice provided the suffix of the VPA should be @HDFCbank.

Collect Money through VPA

Using this feature, you can collect money from a person. For this, use the VPA of the person and ask for the money you want from that person using the UPI app. The Person will receive a notification in his/her UPI app. Thus the person can pay the money instantly.

Pay to Merchant

Using HDFC Bank app, you can pay money at the various Departmental store without using any cash or card. For this, a merchant can use the money facility to receive money from you.

Create VPN as per your choice

You can create VPA as much as you require. You can also provide different VPN to different people. Besides this, you can also delete a specific UPI when you need.

Integrated UPI App

HDFC bank has not created a different app for UPI. However, the Bank has integrated the UPI system in its existing app.

How to use the UPI Service in HDFC Bank app?

First of all, to avail this facility, Download the HDFC Bank app available on all the three platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows. However, UPI service is yet integrated into iOS and Windows versions.

Follow the steps as given below:

1. Download HDFC Bank app from the Google Play.
2. To use the app, you will require a 4-digit PIN. The ATM differs from the ATM PIN. You can set PIN directly by proving your Customer ID and mobile number. As soon as your Mobile Number matches with the record with the bank, you can set your PIN.


3. Preferably you can go the UPI Service, available at the bottom of that page.
4. Then you have to register for the UPI. Then choose a VPA, enter your name and answer the secret question, your account is all set. Bank would be default HDFC Bank and click on Next.

5. Now you have to select your Bank Account Number. This option is available. maybe you have two HDFC Bank accounts.

6. Now your registration is complete. You have to set your MPIN. You will require every time you transfer money, which provides more security.

7. In order to set MPIN, you have to provide debit card details. It is required once to set the MPIN only. The card will only be required when you want to Reset the MPIN. Thus the whole registration process is completed.

8. In order to pay money to any person. Tap on “UPI” and then choose any Payment option as per your requirement. Following options will be available:
1. Pay to VPA
2. Pay to a bank account using the account number and IFSC Code.
3. Collect money from another VPA
4. check the transaction status.

1. Pay to VPA

  • Open the app, tap on UPI as displayed on the bottom of the page.
  • Choose Payment mode as VPA.
  • Select VPA again. Other options are also available.
  • Select the bank account and enter the VPA, the name will be automatically generated.
  • Provide a description, enter the amount and click on pay.
  • Lastly, enter the MPIN, soon you enter MPIN, money will be transferred to the payee account.


2. Pay to a bank account using the account number and IFSC Code.

The second way is to transfer money to a bank account. Here, the account must be registered with your account. If it is not registered, you can register directly and then the follow the same process.

3. Collect Money

Using this service, you can ask someone to lend you money. Follow the simple steps as given below:

  • Choose “Collect the Money” from the option available in UPI.
  • ┬áNow, Enter the VPA of the person, you want money from.
  • The person will receive the notification and if he/she approve it, you will receive the money immediately. However, the end user can approve or reject the notification.

Note: The End user should have installed the UPI App.

Before few days, the Bank has integrated the UPI Service with the Chillr App. Chillr is a Multi-bank Mobile Payments app.

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