HDFC Netbanking {How to Apply / Register For Online HDFC Netbanking & Features}*

HDFC Netbanking: HDFC Stands for (Housing Development Finance Corporation) is a Premium Bank Providing various Banking and Financial Solutions headquartered in Maharashtra, Mumbai. HDFC is considered in one of the most popular banks in India. Besides India, banks branches are also located in Bahrain, Hong Kong, and Dubai. It has more than 87,000 Employees. HDFC Bank allows a bunch of online transactions with the facility of online banking also known as Net Banking. Using HDFC Netbanking, you will be able to use many Internet Services.

HDFC NetBanking

HDFC Netbanking

Net Banking is now useful in each and every Sector. After Demonetisation, the number of Online Transactions Increased Drastically within few days. Net Banking has also saved the life of various customers who are going to trips on regular basis. You can perform online transactions from any part of the world, provided you just require a good internet connection. HDFC Net Banking allows you to perform more than 200 features like transferring money online, paying various light bills, online shopping, online transferring funds, check account balance anytime, recharge phones and Dish TVs, request for a cheque book, etc

Essential Features of HDFC Netbanking

HDFC Bank offers a wide number of Features and Services by which you can manage your Savings Account in a very easy manner. Here we will provide you some of the most important features of HDFC Netbanking.

1. You can Check you Account Balance at any Instant and you can also download the number of transactions made in the last 5 years in multiple formats in just a click away.

2. You can easily Transfer Money to any Third Party having an account in any bank using HDFC Netbanking without any risk.

3. You can Open Fixed/ Recurring Account with the Bank.

4. Recharge your DTH Connection or pay your Mobile’s Postpaid or Prepaid Bill.

5. Purchase Items Online from any E-commerce site using Netbanking. You can also purchase various Gift Cards.

6. Pay electricity bills, water bills and any other kind of Utility bills using HDFC Netbanking.

7. You can also Invest in any of the Mutual Funds that are convenient to you using HDFC Netbanking.

8. You can Book your Travel Tickets online without any Hustle. Book Air Tickets or Railway Tickets(using any Third Party Website or IRCTC) online using HDFC Netbanking.

9. You can also book the Movie Tickets using Netbanking.

10. You can update the status of PAN Card online.

11. You can Pay your Taxes online and can review anytime.

12. Using Netbanking, you can Hostlist your Debit/ Credit Card and request for stopping transactions via check. You can also request for a new cheque book online using HDFC Netbanking.

13. You can also view your Loan details online using Netbanking.

14. You can generate new pin for your Debit Card using Netbanking just by following few steps.

15. You can also apply for an IPO using the same portal.

16. You can easily Transfer Funds using modes like RTGS and NEFT. Besides you can easily Transfer Funds to any Third Party.

How can you Register for HDFC Netbanking?

For all the HDFC Customers, Netbanking is already activated by Default. In case, if you are not registered for HDFC Netbanking, here we will provide you some easy steps to register for the same.

Registration for HDFC Netbanking can be done via different ways like Online, using ATM, Download form or Phone Booking. Detailed Steps about each procedure are given below.

Registration Online

Follow the steps given below:

1. Firstly Visit the HDFC’s Netbanking website, then enter your Customer ID and Click on Confirm on being prompted.
2. For all Non-Resident Customers holding an Indian Mobile Number, Choose Debit Card and Enter details of your Debit Card. Then confirm your mobile number and enter the OTP sent to your linked Indian mobile number.
3. For all the Non-Resident Customers having International Mobile Number, You have to first select Debit Card and enter details of it. Later on, you will receive OTP on your Registered Number as well as on your Email ID. You need to Enter both the OTPs in this case.
4. Provide your new IPIN.
5. Now login to your HDFC Netbanking Account using your new IPIN.

Registration via Phone Banking

Follow the essential steps given below:

1. For this, you can call to your HDFC Phonebanking number available for your city. Later on, you will be asked for details about Customer ID and
Telephone Verification Number or Debit Card and Pin.

2. The HDFC Agent will then receive your request for Netbanking Account.

3. You will receive details about your IPIN to your mailing address within 5 working days.

Download Form and Register

1. You can easily Download Form for Netbanking for both Individual or Corporate by simply visiting the HDFC Bank’s Website.

2. Fill all the Necessary Details in the Form and Submit your form to nearest HDFC Bank Branch.

3. You will receive details about your IPIN at your registered address within 5 working days.

Register through ATM

1. Firstly, Visit any HDFC Bank ATM.
2. Enter Details about your Debit Card.
3. Later on, Choose “Other Option” on your main screen.
4. Choose the Option,”Netbanking Registration” and then confirm for the same.
5. You will receive your IPIN details at your registered address within few days.

After Successful Registration, Visit this link to login to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions about HDFC Netbanking

Which Individual is eligible for Netbanking?

All the users having Savings or Current Account in the HDFC Bank can access various Netbanking Facilities.

Are there any charges applicable for using these facilities?

No, there are no charges on using Netbanking, Provided you Account should fulfill the criteria of minimum balance as per bank rules.

Can I get any add benefits using HDFC Netbanking Account?

Yes, using Netbanking you can Pay various Utility Bills, Shop Online, Transfer Money, etc

In Case I Lost my IPIN, Can I Regenerate my IPIN? what is the Process of it?

In case, if you are unable to access your IPIN properly or it’s lost. Yes, you can generate it by following the steps given below.

1. Visit the Site and click on the link, “Forgot your IPIN and Regenerate IPIN using OTP.”

2. Later on, Enter your Customer ID. If you are a Non-Resident user having Indian Mobile Number, choose Debit Card and fill all essential details and lately enter the OTP you receive at your registered number.

3. If you are Non-Resident User having International Mobile Number, Choose Debit Card and fill all essential details. You will then receive OTP on your Email as well as on your registered number. Enter both the OTPs and then register for Netbanking.

4. Enter your New IPIN and then Login to your Netbanking Account using new IPIN.

You can also regenerate IPIN using other methods like Using ATM, by Downloading the Form online, or else by visiting any nearest HDFC Bank. Steps for all these methods are described previously.

How can I change my Password?

In order to change your Password, you have to login into your Netbanking Account using your Current ID and Password. As soon as you are logged in, you can change your Password using the “Change Password” Option. Your password should be minimum of 6 Characters (including letters, numbers or both).

I am unable to read some digits of Password. What should I do?

The IPIN which is provided to you is automatically generated by the system, so you can only access it. If you are unable to access it, then you have to apply for password regeneration.

Which kind of Security is available in HDFC Netbanking?

The HDFC Bank uses the Secure Socket Layer technology which is the best secure medium of Transaction between the user and the bank. Due to this technology, if any unknown users try to access your Account, your Account will get locked. Also, each time you log in with your account, you will be able to view your last login details, so that you are sure that nobody had accessed your account.

HDFC Bank MobileBanking

It is an App available for both Android and iOS. Using this App on your Device, you can access all the features just a few clicks away in a very secure manner.

For more information about HDFC Mobile Banking, watch this video: